Will I still be able to have an erection after prostatectomy?

Immediately after the removal of the prostate, erectile function will normally be lost. Erection may still be regained but this will depend on your age, sexual function prior to the operation, concurrent illnesses, medications, the presence of emotional and psychological stress, the extent of your cancer, whether the nerves were spared by the surgeon and the level of current sexual activity.

When can erection return after prostate surgery?

The recovery of erectile function is variable, it may be regained in 1 to 2 years after prostatectomy, but there have been a few reported cases of return of function in as early as 4 weeks spontaneously or with the aid of some medications such as Viagra and having penile injection therapy.

Why is it that erections are affected by prostatectomy?

The prostate does not affect the ability to have erections; however, the nerves that are important to have an erection can be damaged during prostatectomy due to its close proximity to the prostate gland.

After regaining erectile function, will its quality be the same as before?

84 percent of those who underwent prostatectomy reported 1 to 2 years later that their erectile function were returned to normal but around 13 percent had erections that were weaker than what was before the operation.

What will happen if the nerves were not spared during surgery?

Depending on the extent of your cancer, there may be instances wherein it is required to remove the important nerves for sexual function causing impotence or the inability to have erections. However, there are still available reproductive procedures such as nerve graft and reconstruction that may help in restoring its function.

Will I still be able to ejaculate after prostatectomy?

The prostate and seminal vesicles make the fluid in the semen and after radical prostatectomy the semen’s pathway is removed, thus you will experience a dry orgasm or the absence of ejaculate.

Will I still be able to have an orgasm after prostatectomy?

Orgasm can occur as long as the normal sensation is intact even in the absence of ejaculation; this is because the prostate has little to do with it since orgasm mainly happens in the brain, so you will still be able have an orgasm even with the absence of the prostate.

Can I still have a baby after prostatectomy?

Men will usually be sterile because the semen can no longer be ejaculated due to the removal of the semen’s pathway during radical prostatectomy; however, if you still plan to have children, the sperm cells may be extracted from the testes or the epididymis since they are still produced, you may also opt to cryopreserve the sperm prior to prostatectomy.

Will prostatectomy affect my sexual desire and libido?

The removal of the prostate gland will not affect the libido. Sex drive is mainly affected by the hormone testosterone, when the levels of testosterone drop sex drive also diminishes, occurring naturally with aging, other illnesses and some medications.

Are the nerves responsible for sexual function being spared during laparoscopic and robotic prostatectomy?

If the cancer has not yet spread to the adjacent nerves, an experienced surgeon will make every effort to spare these nerves that are responsible for sexual function. The structures are magnified with laparoscopic and robotic surgeries, an advantage when nerve sparing. However, satisfactory erectile function is not guaranteed by nerve sparing, since it is also influenced by many factors such as your age, sexual function prior to the operation, concurrent illnesses, medications, the presence of emotional and psychological stress, the extent of your cancer and the level of current sexual activity.

When can I resume sexual activities after prostatectomy?

As soon as you feel better after the surgery, it is important to again establish the physical intimacy with your partner and continue being sexually active even before regaining erectile function, this is to give you a better chance of earlier functional return. You can have sexual intercourse when erectile function has recovered which normally happens in 1 to 2 years after prostatectomy. Treatments such as Viagra and penile injection therapy are available in aiding the resumption of satisfactory sex life.