In the first month after surgery we want to know if you are responding to oral medication (pills).The usual routine is as follows:

  1. Viagra 100 mgs on 3-4 occasions with sexual (self or partner) stimulation as described in the Viagra instruction sheet.
  2. On the other occasions (the days/nights that you are not using 100 mgs), use Viagra 25 mgs (100 mgs split into four pieces) each night. No sexual stimulation is required with this nighttime dose.
  3. Once you have tried Viagra 100 mgs at least three times, call Dr. Scherr’s office with your response.
  4. If your response is around penetration rigidity (50%-60%) or better, we want you to continue to use Viagra with sexual stimulation to obtain erections three times per week.
  5. If you have not responded to Viagra with at least 50%-60% rigidity, then we will discuss penile injections with you in greater detail.
  6. Dr. Scherr would like to see you every four months until you have returned to your preoperative erectile function or are 24 months after surgery.